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Already more powerful than a locomotive, Rex is now faster than a speeding bullet to match
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - It’s Rex! Only slightly faster. As well as working on new fe...
26 May 2016
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Three women who radically changed technology
Update: Ada Lovelace Day is held every year on the second Tuesday of October to celebrate women in ...
28 Apr 2016
Inside Rex Software + 1 more
Eating our own dog food
The software industry is full of acronyms and slang – ‘Bootstrapping’, ‘The Ballmer Peak’...
12 Jan 2016
Inside Rex Software + 1 more
User voice - Rex loves your two cents
Allow me to set the scene: you’re cruising through your Monday morning with Rex. Everything’s t...
18 Aug 2015
Inside Rex Software + 1 more
The secret to superior software - agile management
We’re often asked why we don’t announce deadlines and release certain features before others. W...
26 Mar 2015
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Setting data free in Australia's real estate industry
This blog is about APIs and data standards in Australia's real estate industry. If you don't know m...
20 Feb 2014
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