Blux camera app puts a professional photographer in your pocket

May 8, 2013
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If Rick Deckard had carried an iPhone in the movie ‘Blade Runner’, and he’d used a camera app, that app would have been BLUX. Not only is it a pretty great iPhone camera replacement app, but it has all the bleeps, bloops, on-screen graphics a futuristic sci-fi replicant could ask for. [Heck], it even has a neat computer voice that offers photographic advice.” –Charlie Sorrel (Cult of Mac)I couldn't have put it better myself. This app is solid gold - and at $2.99 an absolute bargain for snap-happy real estate agents wanting to take quality shots on the run. It has an intuitive 4-direction swipe touch control interface that makes it easy to take advantage of the sorts of features only available to pro photographers with full feature cameras.

The camera app packs some real feature punch, including:

Real-Time Photo Adjustment

Like an instagram for the real world (before you take the shot), Blux lets you adjust effects, apply city inspired filters, and settings in real-time on the viewfinder. The app gives you what you need to take the perfect photo on the ground, rather than trying to fix things up in post-editing!

Customisable Photographic Tools

Sophisticated enough for a professional, yet easy enough for an amateur, Blux Camera gives you complete control to make our camera fit your style. Add or remove tools, such as histogram, level, grey scale, tilt-shift, etc. from your interface.

Detailed Photographic Information

Blux Camera empowers you to plan and create your perfect photo by telling you the sunrise time, sunset time, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, histogram, and the sun’s angle.

Sleek UI

Super sleek 4-direction swipe interface with smooth touch controls.

PEAR Technology: An Intelligent Photographic Assistant

A "photographic assistant" designed to analyze your environment (including location, weather time of day etc), lighting, and subject to recommend the perfect scene mode so you can quickly and easily capture gorgeous photos.

Custom-Designed Scene Modes. Including:

  • Innovative Backlit Mode
  • Rejuvenating Portrait Mode
  • Appetizing Food Mode
  • Convenient Whiteboard Mode
  • Stylish HighKey Mode

Once you're set up - take a look at this review for some detailed guidelines on getting the best out of your $2.99 investment:

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