Feature update: assume identity of another CRM user

March 11, 2014
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Just like your favourite superhero, (ours is Green Arrow) this new functionality allows you to pretend to be someone else - another CRM user. While this power serves as means for Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent to live normal lives while being superheroes, it has some very practical applications within Rex.The core functionality allows users with the right privileges to assume the identity of another user on the dashboard. Once they’ve assumed that user’s identity, they see that users dashboard and can review and complete tasks on their behalf.Completing tasks often means sending follow up emails and letters. Rex has included a secondary function that allows users with the right privileges to send mail merges (email, letter and SMS) on behalf of others. The recipient won’t know any different which makes this functionality perfect for those agents operating with personal assistants or in offices with a strong focus on sales admin.Take a look at the help video in the Rex Help Centre and happy crime fighting!

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