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Inside Rex Software
Rex expands to the UK
Very exciting news here at Rex headquarters. It’s something we’ve been planning for quite a few...
12 Jun 2018
New Features
Feature Release: Pocket Open Homes and Pocket Kiosk for all your open home needs
Open homes just got a whole lot easier for Pocket users. It’s a big statement, but we’re confid...
8 Jun 2018
Real Estate Tech
Introducing Hitch - a better way to refer clients
Referring clients to providers and services gives you an opportunity to provide a well-rounded serv...
23 May 2018
Real Estate Tech
Introducing Spoke - it’s social media and online advertising for real estate, made simple.
About a year ago, we decided that we wanted to revolutionise the way real estate agents advertise o...
18 May 2018
Tips & Updates
How to take advantage of Rex's Advanced Privilege Settings
Before we dive head first into Rex’s Advanced Privilege Settings, let’s check we’ve got the b...
2 May 2018
Real Estate Tech
3 reasons robots won't replace real estate agents
A new breed of real estate professional is starting to enter the workforce. They don’t get Monday...
26 Apr 2018
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