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Kevan Matheson is our Senior Training Consultant and all-around Rexpert. He works with agencies big and small, to help them implement our best practice approaches to getting and selling lists and in this new podcast series, he’s answering all your questions.


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Answering questions like...


Kev, I’m running our of stock and need to get more listings - what are the top 3 things I should be doing today

Bethaney Parks

Hey Kev, I keep hearing about the QR code I can use for OFI’s - how do I do this?

Clarke Forbes

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Every fortnight Kev will grab 2-3 for your latest questions and answer them in a short podcast format. You can follow along on your favourite podcast platform, or stay tuned to our Facebook Rexperts Group.
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Meet Kev, Rexpert’s Favourite Trainer

Many of you will know Kev, if not, he's the legend that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone is using Rex effectively.

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Kev’s new podcast series is a way to share both your burning questions around better listing and selling processes. If you are having problems with your Rex account or your access check out the Help Centre or email

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