Spokebite: Spoke's property audiences - targeting and remarketing in one

If you've watched the last two videos on digital targeting and remarketing your head might be spinning.  Audiences sound a little complicated!

Don't worry - we've made targeting your campaigns simple.

In this Spokebite we're going to take a look at how to target your ads to an audience that gets you results.

Using Spoke we’ve run more than a hundred thousand campaigns so we know what works and what doesn't.  We've packed all that experience into some simple targeting settings that give you the full benefit of Google and Facebook's powerful audience building tech - with none of the complexity.

While Spoke's tech does the work behind the scenes - you're left with three decisions to make.

First, where do you want to advertise

At its core, Spoke primarily focuses on location.  When it comes to moving, we are creatures of habit who generally choose the known, over the unknown. In fact, eight out of ten of us will make our next move within a 10km radius of where we currently live.  And when it comes finding sellers - you're likely to be targeting sellers a certain distance from your office.

We usually recommend a ten-kilometre radius from your listing (for listing campaigns) or your office (for branding campaigns).   This will usually generate an audience of ten to twelve thousand people. It’s a good size to work with.

Next we ask you to consider demographics

Age targeting can then be used to find those people most suited to your property. Young people could be more interested in inner-city apartments, while the forty-plus bracket might be looking for more space for teenage children to hang out.

Finally - we ask you tell Spoke the type of customer you're targeting?

Is the property in the sweet spot for first home buyers - or is it an ideal rental for an avid investor. Is the vendor looking for a quick sale, so you target only active buyers - or is it a high-end luxury that’s being sold at a premium?

Working through these selections creates an audience that is big enough to capture potential buyers, but relevant enough to keep it effective. Spoke does the heavy lifting so you can get on with the business of listing and selling to already engaged buyers and sellers.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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