Spokebite: Ideas for prospecting ads

Start by making a list of all the content you’re already producing - your

  • market updates
  • email newsletters
  • recent testimonials from happy sellers
  • brochures about  how your agency is different
  • sneak peek or profile videos

....whatever you’d usually print or email to your clients.

Then, turn them into a digital format and use them to create your ads in Spoke.

Instead of asking past sellers for a written testimonial, get them to record a short video case study - and then use it in an online branding campaign. Target your downsizer case study at downsizers, your premium property case study at a premium audience - you get the gist.

Rather than printing a quarterly market report and leaving it at your local coffee shop, create it as a digital file instead. Advertise it as a downloadable resource, and capture details of future customers that you can connect with via email marketing.

You can take this as far as you'd like. If you’re sponsoring the local school party, you could turn footage from last year’s event into a promo for this year’s event. Use it again in a branding campaign. You can do this with any sort of community event.

In April last year, we released a set of free ad graphics our users could access to tell their community that they’re available to get groceries or other supplies for anyone self-isolating or in need of help.

Another set of graphics advertised a Netflix gift card giveaway. These were hugely popular - it’s a nice way of getting your face in front of local homeowners and claiming more digital share of voice, while also adding names to your call list.

And the best bit is everyone who interacts with these ads will see more of your ads - so they’ll start to remember your face and your name. This falls into the idea of remarketing - which is featured in another Spoke Bite video.

Individually these are all really simple things to do - but if you want to grow your digital share of voice, you have to be doing it consistently. And that’s the key.

So thanks for spending time with me today to look into digital share of voice and how to beat your competitors in the digital landscape.

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