Mail merge and content storage update

At Rex we are committed to delivering a real estate CRM that meets all of your needs. We are proud to announce a number of new features that have been suggested by the most important people at Rex: the users.

Mail Merge Improvements

New ability to add attachments of stored documents to emailsOne of the highest voted features in Rex's UserVoice is allowing attachment of files (both those stored in Rex, and those in your pc) through mail merge.Whether you need to send a CMA, a proposal or any other documentation via email, Rex now makes it easy. Documents - whether they're stored in Rex or just locally on your computer - can now be quickly and easily attached and sent off to clients. *We should note that the documents you upload on the fly just to send via email are only stored in Rex for 2 weeks: more vital documents should be uploaded against a property, listing or contact.Letters can now be sent to properties even if they don't have an appropriate contact attached.Rex now allows you to send snail mail out to properties even if they don't have an attached contact. Whether looking to contact new owners of a previously sold property or approaching new potential vendors, this will be a powerful tool in your prospecting arsenal.

Documents for Contacts and Properties and Free Storage Quota

New ability to store documents against Contacts and Properties.By popular demand, we're announcing the launch of document attachment tabs for the Contacts and Properties modules. Upload to your heart's content!Why upload files?Uploading files to Rex gives you a few advantages:

  • Uploaded files are easy to access outside the office from home or on the go
  • Uploaded files are easy to share with clients and interested buyers
  • Files for archived properties don't need to be pulled out of archives
  • Electronic copies stored in Rex give you a backup in case you lose your physical files.

What kind of documents could you file in Rex?

  • Strata documents
  • Building approvals
  • Titles / title information
  • Signed contracts
  • pre-listing appraisals
  • CMAs issued to clients
  • Specialised marketing material and brochures

New storage allowances for document storage Today, Rex is announcing 10 Gigabytes (GB) of free storage quota for all agencies. We'll allocate an extra 2GB of free quota for each extra user on your account over 5. Any usage above the free allowance will be charged at $2 per Gigabyte /month.New document related privileges.We haven't forgotten about data security and similar to our recent custom tabs set up, we have a new permissions system for these stored documents. You can set it so users have differing privileges which may include:

  • Upload Documents - Allows the user to upload documents provided they have access to the parent record
  • Rename / Delete Documents Uploaded By Self - Allows the user to delete any documents that they have uploaded.
  • Rename / Delete Documents Uploaded by Anybody - Allows the user to delete any documents regardless of who uploaded the document originally.

If you have any questions about our new releases, please let us know by emailing

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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