Launch of campaign reporting and subscription management for email campaigns in Rex

Rex is pleased to announce two major improvements to email campaigns.

Campaign Reporting

Reports come to Rex with a comprehensive campaign status summary that appears once your campaign goes live. The reporting allows you to track sends, deliveries, opens and clicks as well as notifying of bounces and individuals who have unsubscribed from your updates.The report charts are interactive, allowing you to hover over individual data points for detailed information on your performance.The report details area allows you to view comprehensive individual data on campaign recipients that have unsubscribed, opened, click or whose email address “bounced”.

Subscription Management

Campaigns sent from Rex since the launch of email marketing capability have allowed users to unsubscribe from campaigns. This has allowed us to keep your campaigns compliant with anti-spam legislation in Australia on our end. Unfortunately, those users who had unsubscribed didn’t have their data updated in Rex. Although Rex ensured they wouldn’t receive any more emails, this wasn’t reflected in the data visible in their contact record in Rex.The new subscription management functionality introduced last week now allows campaign recipients to update their subscription details – either by unsubscribing from an individual list, or from all lists – their mailing list records are then updated in Rex.The unsubscribe form also prompts recipients for an unsubscribed reason which is show in the reports for the relevant campaign.

Marketing Credits

The addition of these capabilities completes the functionality of newsletters in Rex. From 1 May 2013, email campaigns will be charged at our standard marketing credit rates. You can still send small campaigns (up to 250 recipients) without incurring marketing credit costs.Campaigns above the small campaign level will cost 1 marketing credit for every 40 emails sent. Marketing credits start at $0.20 (and can go as low as $0.11 for high volume plans). This means you’ll be paying at most ½ a cent per email for each recipient above the small campaign level of 250.For example, a campaign to 1000 recipients will cost:

  • @ $0.20 per credit - 18.75 credits or $3.75
  • @ $0.18 per credit – 18.75 credits or $3.38
  • @ $0.16 per credit – 18.75 credits or $3.00

Rex will notify you of the cost of each campaign before you send the campaign.NOTE: charges only apply to campaign emails. No charges apply to auto updates sent to buyers/tenants or to direct email merges (including to multiple recipients) sent from any general modules (e.g. prospector, listings etc.).For more information on marketing credit plans and campaign costs, please contact us

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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