Feature release: high-resolution images for real estate portals

Hi-res images for real estate portals

If you’re selling houses - you want them to look as good as possible online. So it seems a little behind the times for real estate portals not to accept high resolution images - especially when you’re forking out for professional photographers to come snap your listings with their expensive cameras.No more, Rexperts. Rex and all major portals have teamed up to pull you into the future you deserve.

All your listings in a stunning (slightly larger) 1200x900

Over the last 6 months, the vast majority of real estate portals have pulled their socks up and added support for higher-resolution imagery. Historically, the largest image size supported was generally a paltry 800x600 pixels. Hardly befitting that beautiful home you’ve been tending to all morning.No more.Rex now sends all your listing images in a 1200 by 900 resolution by default. (If, for whatever reason, you explicitly need low-resolution images to be sent to the portals, you can get in touch with support who will be happy to help).

High resolution uploads

If you need even higher resolutions to be sent to the portals, Rex can do that as well. You just need to allow Rex to store high resolution imagery first. (We turn this off by default to help you save storage space - but it’s easy to turn on if you need to).Simply head to Advanced settings, and you’ll see an Enable high resolution images section. Clicking Enable high res images will allow you to start saving high resolution imagery against your Property and Listing records. (For more information, check out our help documentation).

Boom - done. It really is that easy.A few things to note:

  1. High resolution imagery is obviously significantly larger than regular images in terms of data use. If you upload listings frequently, you may run out of storage space fairly quickly and need to upgrade your storage capacity. Get in touch with support@rexsoftware.com.au for more information.
  2. Enabling support for high-resolution imagery only affects the future images you upload. Existing images in your database will stay at a lower resolution - you’ll need to reupload them.

There you have it. Get out there and start ramping up your image quality.

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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