Feature release: APM PriceFinder integration for even more information

The proverbial wait is finally over - we’re extremely happy to announce that you now have access to APM PriceFinder’s functionality straight from Rex.Initially we were set to release this integration jointly with Core Logic RP Data. However, we met a few forks in the road and were momentarily held up while we did a fair bit of recoding. Our users that subscribe to APM PriceFinder can enjoy the same software luxury as their CoreLogic bretheren.APM PriceFinder, like CoreLogic RP Data, is a leading national supplier of property information to real estate agents. As such, this new integration offers identical functionality to our earlier integration with CoreLogic RP Data. Namely;

  • Bulk import of property records into Rex,
  • Access to live property data and sales histories,
  • View full APM PriceFinder records, and
  • Create CMAs on the fly from your Rex property records.

This being the case, simply head over to our RP Data feature release for more information on what you’re now able to do. (Just pretend ‘CoreLogic RP Data’ actually says ‘APM PriceFinder’).

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OverviewActivation and Permissions Connecting a PropertyInteracting with Property Data

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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