The real estate software platform built for all your agency needs.

Our whole-of-office platform delivers even more potential to list, sell, rent and manage more properties than ever before.

Rex Sales CRM

Cloud and mobile property sales CRM that agents, admins and owners love.

Digital Ads

A simpler way to advertise real estate on social media and across the web.


Beautiful, stylish website templates built to showcase you as an agent & impress potential buyers.

Coming 2022

Property management

Cloud property management software that will bring you joy.

Over 10,000 agents across the world trust Rex products

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Real estate software your whole business will love.

The Rex product suite has all the tools and integrations you need for the whole sales process, rental and property management, marketing, your agency website, and customer service. Each product in our ecosystem is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

sales crm

Deliver excellent customer service with a high performing team

Secure stock in good times and bad

Rex CRM comes with a powerful prospecting engine to fill your listings pipeline.

Deliver experiences to sell fast

Delight vendors and buyers with quick responsive service.

Built-in efficiency

Automate ‘busy-work’ so that you have more time to focus on dollar-productive tasks.

Data, not dreaming

Base all your performance conversations on live data and know when to pivot.

rex crm real estate software image of daily reminders feature

A simpler way to grow and advertise property on social media

It’s versatile

Advertise your sales listings, your rentals, your agency and yourself.

It’s super fast

Create 26+ ad formats for Facebook, Instagram and millions of websites, in seconds.

It’s intelligent

Spoke’s AI optimises your budget and your agency in real-time.

It’s targeted

Target the regions that matter. Re-capture the attention of your website visitors and current CRM contacts.

image of spoke real estate listing ad on mobile

Property agency websites designed to deliver leads

Designed to impress

Your digital shopfront not only looks stunning but works beautifully on all devices.

Made for generating leads

Your website is built around customer journeys see visitors take action and convert.

Make it your own.

Change content as often as you want, to make your site your own agency storybook.

Get set-up fast.

Our team works with you to deliver your new site in just 4 weeks.

image of siteloft real estate website and rex crm integration
Coming 2022

Property. Managed efficiently.

We are getting ready to launch the next best thing in the Rex suite of products, our very own property management software. Our goal was to build a tool that brings joy to your property managers while your rent roll grows.

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Agents, admins, owners. Everyone loves Rex.

Not just a product suite for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.

5 Star Review

We are saving 5 hours a week per employee

Will Gosse Profile
Will Gosse
COO at BresicWhitney
5 Star Review

The team onboarding me quite promptly... my experience has been great.

Steven Barkho Profile
Steven Barkho
Managing Director/Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents
5 Star Review

Rex saves us two full-time administrators, which could be around $80,000- $100,000 and that's about 80 hours a week.

Graeme Carmichael Profile
Graeme Carmichael
Sales Manager for Agent Growth at LJ Hooker Property Centre
5 Star Review

What we're achieving with the Zapier integration would've taken our team dozens of hours every week. It's kept everyone focused on the work that's really dollar productive.

Henry Hodge Profile
Henry Hodge
Principal of Henry Hodge Real Estate
5 Star Review

We've been getting phenomenally better results/enquiries through Spoke

Barry Rolton
Barry Rolton
One Agency Waimakariri
5 Star Review

Slowly, slowly, we’ve dropped away certain providers, and now we use Rex a lot more. It’s been a big focus for us to use Rex to its full capacity.

Emily Megraw Profile
Emily Megraw
Office Manager at LJ Hooker Nerang
5 Star Review

The way we are able to systemise and agents life in Rex CRM is crucial to making them not just productive but high-performing as well, and Rex CRM is the key to doing that for our agency.

Will Gosse Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Will Gosse
COO at BresicWhitney
5 Star Review

I tested out five (5) other leading CRM systems, big ones as well ones that have been established for many many years and a lot of people would think they would be the go-to but they did not perform the way that Rex CRM did from a usability, user-friendly aspect.

Steven Barkho Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Steven Barkho
Managing Director/Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents
5 Star Review

I researched the hell out of CRMs before committing to Rex. I have been using it now for almost 1 year - and it is life changing! The support is second to none.

Mark MacCabe Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] Mark MacCabe
Principal of MacCabe Real Estate
5 Star Review

I love being able to operate my business from home, a coffee shop, interstate, or even overseas.

Peter Hutton Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] Peter Hutton
Agency Owner of Hutton & Hutton
5 Star Review

Rex has helped me cope with the modern demands of real estate.

David Snow Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] David Snow
Principal of Peter Snow & Co

Learn best practices from the property experts

Rex top 9 prospecting workflows handbook

Rex resource library

Best practice resources for admins, agents and business owners. From our industry insights podcast to exclusive webinars from key we have something for everyone.

A man and a woman in a business meeting

Education hub

The Rex product suite comes complete with access to training for all skill levels. Learn at your own pace or check out our on-site 1:1 consultation options.

Join the family

Our Rexperts online community gives our users a home to connect, share advice, and ask any questions related to our products.


We've answered a few frequent questions below. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we'll get back to you.

What’s an API?


API stands for application programming interface. In its simplest terms, an API allows two or more systems to “talk” to each other and share data. In more advanced use cases with Rex, external systems can trigger functions within Rex via the API. Rex is the only CRM in the real estate CRM space that is built entirely on an API platform which allows us to innovate and integrate much more quickly.

What is software as a service (SaaS)?


SaaS is more than just being an Internet or cloud based application. True SaaS means that there’s an actual service piece to the subscription. For Rex, this means a couple of things. We’re constantly innovating and developing new functionality. As Rex is a SaaS offering, this means our clients get access to these new features as soon as they’re released at no additional cost. SaaS also includes unlimited ongoing support, so whenever you or someone on your team needs help, there’s someone there to help them.

Looking for real estate software that does more for your agency?

If you're a real estate principal or manager, then you know that having the right tools is essential for agency success. That's why it's important to choose real estate software that does more for your agency. At Rex, we believe in providing real estate agencies with cutting edge tools and technology. From easy to manage real estate websites and marketing tools that generate more sales to customer relationship management software that helps you maintain relationships for life. Our real estate software suite has been designed with the whole sales and property management process in mind. 

Manage your agency on the go with Rex's completely cloud-based real estate software and complementing mobile CRM app. Integrate your real estate website and CRM. Maintain a clean database by syncing leads to existing contacts. Review sales performance at a glance with Rex CRM's reporting dashboards. Statardise agency processes with inbuilt and custom workflows. Quickly launch new listings campaigns with the Spoke digital marketing platform. 

Whatever the size of your agency or budget, Rex has real estate software to help you manage your business more efficiently than ever before. So why wait? Get started with Rex today!

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