It’s been our biggest year yet. Let’s take a look at some of this year's highlights.

$12 billion

in property sales

This year, Rexperts closed $12 billion - that’s right, with a ‘B’ - in property sales. That’s equal to the (alleged) net worth of Donald Trump!


sales by a single office

This year’s record number of sales by a single office is whopping 815!

Go team!


sales by a single agent

If you thought 815 sales by a single office was impressive, one rockstar agent sold a record 114 listings on their own! That’s over two a week!

They can shout the champagne.


support tickets solved

Our support team have worked tirelessly to solve over 18,900 support tickets. That’s over 75 a day!


support satisfaction rating

Of those 18,900 tickets, we’ve maintained a 98% satisfaction rating.

Thanks for the great feedback, guys!



Collectively, you’ve pushed out 2.5 million listings and updates to real estate websites and portals.

The server’s running hot!


new contacts

A massive improvement from last year - there’ve been 2,323,943 new contacts added to Rex.

That’s 10% of the Australian population.


new notes

You’ve added 1,441,541 new notes to Rex this year. If every note was just 20 words long, that’d equate to over a year of non-stop typing!

Though not quite enough to fulfil the Infinite Monkey Theorem… yet.


hours of work

The Rex team has tracked over 14 years worth of of crunch-time on support, product development, training and sales this year.

A lot of work goes into developing your favourite real estate CRM.


extra staff

Rex has grown faster than ever this year. We have enough new employees to make up two full teams (and an umpire) for some post-lunch, backyard Christmas cricket.



We’ve had five fluffy friends visit the office this year.

(Zero cats, birds, or nematodes).


kilos of fruit

Rex is powered by fructose and fibre.

We’ve eaten over 250 kilos of fruit in the office this year. That’s equivalent to the weight of a fully grown pig... or 250 one kilo pigs.

Whatever’s cuter.

Oh, Christmas Tee

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From all of us here at Rex, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy your hard-earned time off - you deserve it.

From the entire Rex Family!